MTSS-B Coaching

The MTSS-B TA Center offers MTSS-B Coaching Certification to individuals who have demonstrated training and experience in external and/or internal coaching of NH’s Multi-Tiered System of Supports for Behavioral Health and Wellness framework in districts and schools.

What is NH MTSS-B Coaching Certification?

The purposes of the coaching certification process are to establish consistent criteria for NH MTSS-B coaching competencies, to provide a systematic pathway for coaches to demonstrate and be recognized for their expertise and experience, and to develop a list of experienced, certified coaches for MTSS-B stakeholders to access.

Why should I get certified?

  • As the NH MTSS-B framework spreads across the state and a growing number of districts and schools are requesting support, the need for MTSS-B coaching is increasing. Individuals who complete MTSS-B Coaching Certification will receive endorsement as a NH MTSS-B TA Center Certified Coach.
  • A list of current certified coaches will be included on the MTSS-B TA Center website directory, publicly accessible by NH districts and schools seeking coaching support. The NH Department of Education’s Office of Social and Emotional Wellness website will contain a link to the NH MTSS-B TA Center website.
  • NH MTSS-B Certified Coaches will have access to an ongoing, coaching-specific MTSS-B Coaching Community of Practice (MTSS-B Coaching CoP). The MTSS-B Coaching CoP will connect certified coaches to share experiences, strategies, and innovations and problem-solve barriers and challenges.
  • Level 3 certified coaches may be invited to serve in a trainer role for the NH MTSS-B TA Center.

How it Works

MTSS-B Coaching Certification is offered at three levels, each of which requires additional evidence of your coaching in key MTSS-B implementation tasks. Certification is a continuous process, allowing you to submit additional portfolio materials as you complete them to work toward higher certification levels.

To achieve Level 1 coaching certification, complete all of the Basic Requirements and upload sufficient Portfolio Documentation demonstrating experience in the required practices to reach a minimum score of 53%.

Once you achieve Level 1 certification, you can advance by continually building your portfolio. Submit additional documentation in any order until you reach the required score for the next level. Specific information for each level is provided below.

Basic Requirements

The following basic requirements must be met to receive any NH MTSS-B Coaching Certification level:

  • A description of your coaching experience in MTSS-B or a related framework
  • Documentation of participation in a NH MTSS-B Technical Assistance Center MTSS-B Framework training series or equivalent alternate training. Alternate training must be a curriculum-based training from a recognized organization in one or more of the following frameworks: Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports (MTSS), Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), and/or the Interconnected Systems Framework (ISF)
  • Submission of a Professional Reference from a stakeholder who is familiar with your competency as an MTSS-B coach. You must receive an 80% minimum score on the reference.
  • Completion of the Toolkit Trivia exercise. You must reach a 100% score but can re-do the exercise as many times as needed.

NH MTSS-B TA Center certified coaches are asked to participate in the NH MTSS-B Community of Practice (CoP), which is also required for re-certification.

Level 1

Level 1

To reach Level 1 certification, you must complete all Basic Requirements and obtain a total of 21 points across seven required portfolio documentation tasks for Level 1 certification, leading to a minimum of 53% on your overall portfolio documentation score.

Level 2

Level 2

To reach Level 2 certification, continue adding portfolio documentation across any of the additional MTSS-B tasks, in any phase, to achieve a minimum score of 73% on your overall portfolio documentation.

Level 3

Level 3

To reach Level 3 certification, continue adding portfolio documentation across any of the additional MTSS-B tasks, in any phase, to achieve a minimum score of 90% on your overall portfolio documentation.


Your certification will need to be updated every 3 years. To do so:

  • Update your applicant information if needed
  • Submit a new Professional Reference and achieve a minimum score of 80%
  • Complete the Toolkit Trivia exercise again, reaching a score of 100%
  • Update any available portfolio documentation to showcase more recent work as applicable
  • Submit documentation of 30 hours of professional development*
  • Submit attestation of participation in the NH MTSS-B Community of Practice (CoP)

*Participation in the NH MTSS-B CoP can count toward your 30 hours of professional development.

The MTSS-B Coaching Certification portal is coming in early 2023!

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