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Step 3: Make a Plan

Hold data-informed discussions about whether MTSS-B aligns with school district and community needs, priorities, and capacities. If choosing to adopt MTSS-B, expand the Exploration Team to prepare for District-level Implementation.

Tools for Making a Plan

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(6a) Decide whether to adopt MTSS-B based on the compatibility of MTSS-B values/core features/strategies with district needs, mission/vision, and strategic/improvement plans and goals and assess the adequacy of available resources.


MTSS-B Adoption Discussion Guide

Consider key questions to help you determine whether MTSS-B is appropriate for your district


(6b) If there is a decision to adopt, obtain official approval, if applicable, from administrators, school board, or others as needed.

(6c) If there is a decision to adopt, secure buy-in from broader stakeholder groups to expand the Exploration team and begin development of the District Community Leadership Team.


Adopting MTSS-B Rating Tool

Rate your school district on key need and readiness factors to determine whether to adopt MTSS-B

Sample Letter of Commitment

Administrators can use this sample template to make a declaration of commitment to implementation of key drivers of MTSS-B

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Phase 2: District-level Implementation

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