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Step 1: Mobilize People

Form an Exploration Team of education, mental health, and other child-serving agency decision-makers and develop a shared understanding of the MTSS-B framework and its strategies and practices.

Tools for Mobilizing People

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(1a) Identify and convene key executive-level team members from education and mental health/other child-serving agencies, ensuring adequate decision-making authority.

(1b) Establish team operating procedures including meeting frequency, roles, agenda-setting and other decision-making processes.


District Exploration Team Guidance

Convene an executive-level Exploration team to determine MTSS-B fit and district readiness for MTSS-B


(2a) Increase fluency with the MTSS-B framework, including implementation science principles, capacities, resources, and strategies needed for successful implementation of both the overall MTSS-B framework and individual evidence-based practices.


MTSS-B Overview

Explore the values, core features, and overarching strategies of the MTSS-B framework

MTSS-B Supporting Literature

Review the literature supporting the contributions of MTSS-B to positive student and school outcomes

MTSS-B Implementation Tasks

Review key MTSS-B tasks at exploration, district-level, and school-level implementation phases

Defining MTSS-B Roles and Responsibilities

Determine MTSS-B staffing needs and align roles and responsibilities, recruitment strategies, and job descriptions with MTSS-B priorities

Role of the Community Mental Health Agency in MTSS-B

Explore how your partnership with local community mental health agencies can support an integrated approach to MTSS-B

Interconnecting School Mental Health and School-Wide PBIS

Explore the Interconnected Systems Framework primer on school mental health-PBIS integration

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Mobilize People
Use Data
Make a Plan

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