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Step 5: Monitor Progress

Make a plan to regularly collect and analyze data related to MTSS-B activities and student outcomes, including annual assessment of overall MTSS-B fidelity. Use data and assessment results to inform district- and school-level MTSS-B action planning.

Tools for Monitoring Progress

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(10a) Develop an evaluation plan for collecting and analyzing data to enable data-based decision-making at district and school levels; identify protocols for monitoring fidelity of your MTSS-B framework and specific EBPs; identify student outcome measures and progress monitoring procedures.

Designing an Evaluation Plan

Learn about the essential components of an effective MTSS-B progress monitoring and evaluation plan

Using Data Across Tiers

Review data indicators and data use strategies across MTSS-B tiers to support progress monitoring and decision-making


(10b) Establish district-level policies and practices for student data sharing/privacy and informed parent/guardian consent for supports and services.


MTSS-B Data Sharing and Consent Considerations

Review considerations to support development of district policies and practices for data sharing/privacy and consent for services.


(11a) Monitor effectiveness of your MTSS-B system by reviewing and using data to inform subsequent action planning and improve implementation, including assessment of MTSS-B fidelity, EBP intervention fidelity, and outcomes across schools. Revise and enhance district-level action plans as needed.

NH-MFI District Module

Use the NH MTSS-B Fidelity Inventory District Module to measure your MTSS-B implementation progress at the district level

NH-MFI Behavioral Health Module

Use the NH MTSS-B Fidelity Inventory Behavioral Health Module to measure your district-community mental health integration fidelity at the district level

District MTSS-B Action Planning Tool (D-MAPT)

Use data to develop detailed action plans for district-wide MTSS-B priorities and guidelines for school-level implementation

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Phase 3: School-level Implementation

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